Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Yes. By chemical definition, calcium polycarbophil is not a carbohydrate and will not increase the blood sugar level when ingested. It is an excellent product for addressing occasional constipation that may arise with dietary changes.

  • Each caplet of Fibercon® has the natural action of fiber and contains no chemical stimulants or preservatives, so it works naturally to restore regularity and relieve constipation. The active ingredient of FiberCon is calcium polycarbophil (CPC). CPC is an inert synthetic polymer (compound) with water-absorbing ability, which is higher than natural fibers such as psyllium or carboxymethylcellulose. Calcium polycarbophil is not digested by the human enzymes or the microorganisms in the colon and therefore remains as a solid until it is eliminated from the digestive system. It is comparable to natural bulk fiber laxatives, as it adds bulk volume and moisture to stools to effectively relieve constipation and maintain regularity.

  • FiberCon® is not widely available internationally. It is recommended that you plan ahead for any trip you are taking by bringing FiberCon® with you.

  • There is a 36 count blister card box 90 and 140 count bottles.

  • FiberCon® should generally be available through all grocery, drug, mass merchandiser and convenience stores that regularly sell over-the-counter medications. If your retailer does not carry FiberCon®, be sure to ask them to order it.

  • FiberCon® has been on the market since January of 1987, and is one of the first bulk-forming laxatives offered in a caplet form.

  • FiberCon® competes with other products in the bulk-forming laxative category.